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Grouse Vertical KM Course #4


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Start and Finish Instructions

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Download GPX File: vk12-grousewoods-grind.gpx

Start: This route is probably the easiest to navigate in the series. The only tricky bits are getting the start location right and navigating through the resort once you finish the grouse grind to get to the peak.

IMPORTANT: The course starts on Nancy Greene way at the intersection of LOWER grousewoods drive. Grousewoods drive intersects Nancy Green twice, so make sure you start at the lowest one (See image below).

Run up from lower grousewoods rd to the entrance gate of the Grouse grind, up the grind, then once you get to the resort make your way up to the peak. The official route up to the peak takes the route with painted "bear paw prints" on the asphalt. We will accept any route to the peak from the top of the Grouse Grind though. The only caveat is that you must run up the peak via the main road that loops around the back, and not straight up the ski-runs on the front of the peak.

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The name “Grousewoods Grind” is given to this course as it starts a partial way down Nancy Greene way at the lower intersection of Grousewoods drive. This allows competitors to ascend enough elevation to complete a full VK by the time they reach the peak of Grouse Mountain. Most of the climbing occurs in the first half of the course and requires good stamina to reach the peak without losing a lot of time. This course is also a subsection of the larger “Seek the Peak” race and competitors will know its challenges all too well.



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