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Grouse Vertical KM Course #2


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Start and Finish Instructions

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Start: The course begins at the bottom of the Grouse Grind at the gate. Begin by running up the Grouse Grind, as soon as you reach the chalet, take a right onto the BCMC and then connect onto the Simic trail. Run Simic all the way down to the Screaming Eagle chairlift, touch the lift then head straight up the cut staying as close to beneath the lift cables as possible. The course finishes when you reach the gravel road that takes you back to the resort. If you are unusure where to go for the simic trail please watch the video demonstration, or go exploring yourself and compare your track with the official route.

Video Demonstration


Extra credit is one of the more interesting challenges in the series with the bulk of the ascent coming in the first half of the course as competitors climb the Grouse Grind. However, once they summit the Grind, they are only half way done in overall distance, the extra credit must be attained by running down the Simic trail, a reasonably fast runnable (but still technical) trail that runs parallel to Grouse Mountain’s “Cut” ski run. Once the competitors reach the bottom of the cut via the Simic trail, they then run directly up the Cut finishing where the cut intersects the Grouse Mountain Highway.

This course will be a strong test for those runners who can effectively pace themselves on the Grind and leave a little bit extra in the tank for the ascent up the Cut.



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