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Grouse Vertical KM Course #2


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Start and Finish Instructions

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Download GPX File: vk9-backtrack.gpx

Runners will start at the Grouse Grind gate and run up the BCMC via the Baden Powell trailhead (not the Grouse Grind cutover trail to the BCMC) for 200m of ascent touching the tree with the 9/50 marker before running back down the BCMC to the Baden-Powell then touching the Grouse Grind entrance gate and then ascending the entire Grouse Grind trail. The finish is the top of the Grouse Grind.

Video Demonstration

No video will be produced for this course


Runners will test themselves by running 1/4 of the BCMC trail, then descending before ascending the Grouse Grind. This will test a runners endurance and technical skill more than other courses.

Runners are asked to take great caution on the downhill portion of the BCMC since there are some tree root obstacles, rocks and quite a bit of loose gravel, and also other hikers - please call out to alert people coming up the trail from far away to give them time to react, and also run down only at your skill level and ability, we don't want anyone getting hurt and its not worth getting injured over. That said, this course will test the abilities of technical downhill runners but runners may need to conserve some leg strength to make a fast push up the Grind after the descent.



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