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Start and Finish Instructions

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Start:The start to this course is a little tricky. Please watch the demonstration video to get a clear understanding. The start of Grand Larceny begins 1km along the powerline trail from the Grouse Mountain carpark. When walking along the powerline you will notice an entry trail into the forest with a wooden log bridge over the small drainage creek (photo #1 & #2). This is the entry to the Larsen Trail, and you will run up this, BUT its not the start of the VK course, which starts slightly lower down. Just beyond the Larsen entry you will notice a trail 10 meters further down on your right (photo #3) NOTE: As of June 2nd, Metro Vancouver have put a barrier across this trail to prevent mountain bikers - the route is still accessible on foot but you have to squeeze through the barrier, take this down the slope a 100 meters or so to the entry to the forest (photo #4). You will notice a small log step, this is the start of the VK Course (photo #5).

Run back up the trail, turn left onto the powerline then turn right into the Larsen trail. Once inside the forest you make a left turn, and then 20-30 meters along if you are paying close attention to the trees you will see a wooden plank that says "Larsen". The trail is not very clear, but you will see some orange diamonds along the trees, so follow them. The larsen trail begins to veer right. 200m ascent up this trail you will hit the Baden Powell trail junction. This is the turnaround point (photo #6).

Touch the baden powell trail marker sign, then run all the way back down to the course start. You must go all the way down to the start area, not just the powerline trail. Then once back at the start you will climb the Larsen trail all the way to Grouse Mountain. Along the way you will pass the Baden Powell intersection again -- stay straight -- follow the Larsen sign and diamonds. You will also eventually pass the Old BCMC trail. Again stay straight. At about 800m ascent you will run into the BCMC cutover intersection. You will see signs that say BCMC left and CUT right (photo #7). Go left and connect onto the BCMC and take that all the way to the finish.

Finish: The end of the course is the top of the BCMC/Grouse Grind trail. To ensure you connect with the segment, best to run up the stairs and touch the grind timer. Congratulations you did it!

Video Demonstration


Grand Larceny is a challenging course designed to test runners who can ascend quickly after an early hard descent. Participants start on a trail just below the powerlines and ascends up Larsen to where it connects with the Baden Powell Trail. At this point, runners turn around and run 200m in elevation back down to the start. After softening up the legs, runners must then go back up to complete the entire Larsen trail, where it eventually connects to the BCMC and finishes at Grouse Mountain chalet.



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