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Skyline Vertical KM Course #2


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Start and Finish Instructions

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Download GPX File: vk16-bleedingcut.gpx

Parking: The start of the route begins at the end of the Palisades drive, just off Skyline/Montroyal. There is free parking along this small culdasac. The google maps pin is here:

Start: From the end of Palisade drive you will see this (Image 1). Walk down to three large rocks at the Mosquito creek trail (see Image 2). This is the starting location.

To begin, the route takes you along the upper mosquito creek trail. Its easy enough to follow, and there is a couple of steep rooty sections but are easy enough to get up. The trail eventually connects to the Baden Powell trail with the bridge over mosquito creek. You do not go across the bridge, instead you go straight (see Image 3) and then hang a U-turn left toward skyline drive. Keep following the Baden powell to where it opens up to upper Skyline drive. Head up toward the upper part and take Skyline trail in the center.

Head up skyline trail all the way to the base of the Screaming Eagle chairlift. Head around the chairlift and directly up the Cut ski run. When you reach the top take the firetrail heading toward the Peak of Grouse mountain. Climb the peak via the access road, the VK finishes at the top chairlift station

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Bleeding cut is a steady climb from Mosquito Creek, up Skyline, up the Cut and finishing on the peak of Grouse Mountain. This course will reward climbers with good endurance and consistent pacing



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