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Start and Finish Instructions

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Start:Jet Fight begins where the asphalt ends at the top of skyline drive where it connects with the baden powell trail (see Photo #1). At this point in the baden powell you can either head up toward skyline or down toward mosquito creek. We won't be going down to mosquito creek - you will head up the BP to where it connects again to skyline drive. You can either go right around the long way to skyline trail, or cut ahead-slightly to the left to take the shortcut trail (see Photo #2). Both are valid ways! You will now be at the start of Skyline trail (see Photo #3).

Take skyline all the way to top where it meets the screaming eagle chairlift (see Photo #4). At this point you will about 520m elevation gain. You run back down the way you came from, but you will descend via the jetboy trail instead of running back down skyline. To find the jetboy trail you will notice an orange diamond on a log, which points down the skyline trail but there will be a trail that goes left. You take that one and it puts you onto jetboy (see Photo #5). After a few minutes running down you will pass the LGMH cutoff trail and then the fight jet crash memorial site (see Photo #6).

Continue down jetboy. Soon enough you will meet a tree that has fallen across the trail. The trail appears like it goes left, but you will actually want to go right when you jump over the log (see Photo #7). From here you hit a nice long flowly downhill trail that is soft and cushioned allowing for a fast descent. There will be a number of tricky turns but stay as close to parallel with skyline trail (that will be only 20-30 meters to your right) the whole way down. Photo #8 shows one turn to pay close attention to, where you could miss the turn and keep running down a wide trail heading east toward LGMH. You want to take a sharp turn right to stay on Jetboy.

Just before you reach the bottom jetboy connects to LGMH before exited out at the bottom of the skyline trail, which you will now head up again for a second time to finish back up at the Screaming Eagle chairlift.

Finish: The end of the course is the Screaming Eagle chairlift at the top of skyline and the bottom of the Cut. You are finished when you reach the loading area, you can touch the stopped chair if you like to mark your successful finish! Congratulations you did it!

Video Demonstration


Jet Fight is the VK for downhill specialists! This VK features not only 1000m of ascent but almost 500m of descent, and still manages to come in at only 4.5km distance. With almost two full ascents up Skyline, the middle of this course features a fast descent down the Jet Boy trail to soften up the legs. Only the athletes with strong technical downhill skills and good leg strength will be able to rebound from the descent for a second fast push up the mountain. This VK is a unique experience and true test.



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