Vancouver VK Courses - VK13 Screaming Eagle

Grouse Group

Grouse Vertical KM Course #5


Course is Currently OPEN

Start and Finish Instructions

Strava Segment:

Download GPX File: vk13-screaming-eagle.gpx

Begin at the Grouse Grind gate. Run up to the BCMC via the Baden Powell trail (not via the new grind-bcmc bypass), then climb the BCMC to the resort. When finishing the BCMC immediately turn to your right and follow the access road to the cut ski-run. Run down to the bottom of the cut to the screaming-eagle chairlift staying beneath the cables of the ski-lift as much as possible (this is to ensure you connect with the Strava segment). Touch the ski-lift and then head back up the cut the way you came, again staying as close to under the ski run as possible. The course finishes when you hit the access road you began the cut descent from.

Video Demonstration

No video will be produced for this course.


Screaming Eagle features a run up the BCMC trail before participants continue on once reaching the Grouse Mountain Chalet for a run down The Cut beneath the screaming eagle chairlift. Once runners reach the bottom of the cut, they then go back up the cut to finish where the cut intersects Grouse Mountain Highway.



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