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Grouse Vertical KM Course #3


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Start and Finish Instructions

Strava Segment:

Download GPX File: vk11-van-damme.gpx

Start: The course begins at the end of Capilano Park road nearby the Capilano Hatchery and Cable Pool bridge. To begin start on the road and run up the Palisades Trail stairs as shown here:

Continue to run up the palisades trail up the big staircase to the large grass field opening nearby the Capilano dam parking lot. Run across the grass to Nancy Greene avenue, then up along the side of the road up to Grouse Mountain. Once at Grouse Mountain, continue onto the Grouse Grind trail.


The end of the course is the top of the Grouse Grind trail. To ensure you connect with the segment, best to run up the stairs and touch the grind timer. Congratulations you did it!

Video Demonstration

No video will be produced for this course


Van Damme is named after Jean Claude Van Damme of course, and is named because the course starts at Vancouver’s Capilano Dam. Competitors will need the grit and determination embodied by Van Damme’s martial arts practices, as they run up Nancy Greene way before ascending the Grouse Grind. This course exists within the larger “Seek the Peak” race, and Vancouver runners will know it well. The course will challenge competitors who must pace effectively during the first 2km to save their legs for the Grind.



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